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Type Rating

Type Rating

Uddayan with GAA developed a new A320 Type Rating Program specifically for the Indian Market. DGCA A320 Type Rating Program integrated with JOC and MCC
Become a First Officer. A self-sponsored Airbus A320 Type Rating course is a great way to accelerate your career and land you a job with the airlines. GAA recently developed a new A320 Type Rating Program specifically for the Indian Market and as per the requirement of DGCA standards – (DGCA CAR Series B Part XIX. GAA have developed a new A320 Type Rating Program which not only meets the minimum DGCA criteria but also provides the Pilot with more number of hours thus increasing the skill set of the pilot. Modern training solutions by using computer-based training tools, A320 Flat Panel Trainer (FPT), 3 Airbus 320 Full Flight Simulators, allow pilots to improve their type rating skills by the shortest possible time. Computer Based Training, MCC, CRM, JOC Classroom, LVO and AWO Classroom, System Test and Performance, A320 Fixed Based Stimulator, A320 APT/MFTD, A320 Type Rating FFS Phase, A320 FFS Skill Test day, A320 LVO and AWO SIM is covered in this training.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES AND FACILITIES like one flight ticket, entry visa arrangements and cost, 4 star hotel stay with transportation, complimentary beverages and snacks service during training, wifi access.

Duration : 45 days
Eligibility : Age 17 & above

Valid ME, IR (multi-engine, instrument rating)
Valid CPL (ATPL theory) or ATPL
Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate
MCC certificate of completion if available
English level 4 according to ICAO requirements

Skills: Good communication and Inter personal skills